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A guide to choosing CNC tools for stone working

In a CNC machine for stone working it’s possible to use a huge quantity of tools, every of them designed specifically for performing a special work.
In every of them it’s possible to get the best result for feed, speed and finish quality choosing the right tool to use.


Obviously the first criterion to consider when choosing diamond tools to buy is the type of material you want to work.
For the stone industry we have 2 main categories:

  • Soft material – Marble & Travertine
  • Hard material – Granite, Quartz, Engineered stone

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Interview with Joseph Miceli (Officine Marchetti)

Interview with Joseph Anthony Miceli CFO & Sales executive Director of Officine Marchetti S.p.A.

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10 questions about CNC Vacuum cups (Interview to Simone Giorgi)

Brief interview with Simone Giorgi, Sales Director at GNC Meccanica leader manufacturer of suction vacuum cups for CNC machining centers. Read more


10 most common questions about CNC Diamond tools (interview to Luca Scialanga)

Brief interview with Luca Scialanga, area manager at Marmoelettromeccanica, Italian producer of diamond tools for CNC.

The questions were selected from among the most common that customers very often ask in our e -shop and the article will be a base from which to gather some information and principles that can be deepened.

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marmomacc 2016, Verona Stone fair – Ready to present MMG E-Commerce

Verona stone fair Marmomacc 2016 (September 28 to October. 1)

There are less than four months to the 51st edition of marmomacc Stone Fair 2016 to be held from September 28 to October 1, 2016 in Verona (Italy).
The numbers tell us that marmomacc is still today the most important international event dedicated to marble, granite, machinery and processing technologies.
On average, each year, marmomacc has 1,500 exhibitors from nearly 60 countries and 65,000 visitors, of which 50% international, from 140 countries.


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How to sell your Used Machinery

If you have any stone working machinery that you no longer use you could be interested in selling it.
MMG listing service can help you sell your used machine faster and safely.

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GNC Meccanica and MMG parter for e-commerce sales of CNC suction cups


This is the Official Press Release from GNC Meccanica  to announce our collaboration for suction cups selling throw our e-commerce website.

GNC meccanica is a market leader for CNC suction cups in marble, granite and glass industry

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Alphacam CAD/CAM – Authorized Reseller

We are finally proud to announce that we became an official alphacam CAD/CAM software reseller.

The reconditioning of our CNC machines often requires the update of the CAD/CAM software.

MMG is not a single-brand reconditioning center, it works with different brands and models of machines. Having different CAD/CAM softwares to meet the customers’ needs is our priority.
Writings, engravings, bas-reliefs, kitchen tops, shower trays, columns and so on are all executable with CNC machines, but each work is different from the other due to different kinds of machines, dimensions and softwares.
After a long research and the testing of many softwares on the market, we decided to increase our knowledge of alphacam to install it into the machines of clients who deal with CNC building works, so those who need to realize kitchen tops, shower trays, sinks and so on.

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Touch probe 3D Scanning…tips and tricks

One of the most interesting features related to the world of the CNC machines for processing marble and granite (but not only) is the 3D scanning.

Today almost all cnc softwares have a “scanning feature”; Check it in your machine.

Scanning allows to acquire the 3D shape of a solid object (marble, granite, glass, wood, etc.) and to create an STL file that can be used for the reproduction of the acquired form with a CNC machine.

3D scanning can be done basically in two ways: by using a laser scanner or a mechanical touch probe.
The laser scanning is faster than the touch probe but it’s really more expensive with the same performance. In my experience I got to use some mechanical probes with excellent results in terms of scanning accuracy.

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5 top reasons for buying from a Used Equipment Dealer (as MMG)

If you want to buy a used, second-hand machine for stone working and marble granite processing  (5 reasons why choose to buy a used equipment) you can follow two paths:
you can start a word of mouth to search for a colleague or a factory that wants to sell his machinery, or
you can go to a specialized company that deals in this specific sector.

The first method is slow, hazardous and dangerous (for the reasons which I will list below), while the second is more fast, safe and at the end of the buying cycle / installation will be even more convenient.

Writing this post I thought about my personal experience in MMG, and for MMG, for which I could of course guarantee all this, but I believe that these reasons are plausible (reasonable!) and that they can be applied to any industry and for any company that operates in any market with few minimum requirements: quite long presence in the market, structured with warehouse / workshop,  staff of proven experience in the field and with good references (references about a good company are easy to find, they are difficult to find for those “unreliable” ones).

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