Anyone who has their own business, from the small workshop to the big factory, was found in the need to buy a new machine to increase its production capacity and to diversify its production with new products and processes. For each type of machine you are always ahead of the difficult choice to choose whether to buy a brand new machine or look for opportunities provided by the used market at that time.
I wanted to list the 5 main reasons for which my clients have chosen to buy a used (with great results!)

    To increase production or to start from scratch a laboratory for stone processing, huge investments are required in order to acquire proper, safe and suitable machines. Buying used machinery may be a prudent and reasonable option  because the used market is often filled with quality equipment at a lower price  than the new. Remember that the used market also includes the reconditioned machines from specialist workshops (as MMG) that supply you the machine to the initial state (as new) in order to provide the same performance again.
    Used machines  are a valuable alternative to new models and the price difference often allows buyers to purchase higher-end machines compared to the new machines at the same price. (Those who have decided to buy a used Mercedes instead of a Fiat Panda new have spent the same amount)
    There are huge savings in the purchase used machinery  because you can find the best machine possible (available) with a value/ high price.
    A used machine is a good option for a beginner who is learning now to use some type of machinery or who wants to start a new production. When you want to launch a new product on the market often opt for a used machine to test the market before and later, if necessary, buy a new machine with a higher investment.
    Buying a used machine is a low cost way to learn how to work with a certain type of equipment or to test how the market incorporates a new product.
    Buying a used machine means buying a technology already tested and which is easy to find technicians and workers. Bugs (problems, errors) of the machine have all been found, tested and resolved; improvements have been made on the field and a stable version is reached. Another very important aspect is the ability to check the type of production and capacity of the machine even before you take it apart. If you rely on a specialized company (as MMG) you can test the used machine in person and check, along with a technician, mechanical, electrical and electronic conditions. The specialist firm can also perform the inspection on your behalf and organize an activity for repair and refurbishment before the machine is loaded and shipped.
    A used machine, if it does not require specific repairs or reconditioning, is immediately available, and for this you do not have to wait long delivery times as may happen to purchase a new one.
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