GNC Meccanica and MMG parter for e-commerce sales of CNC suction cups

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This is the Official Press Release from GNC Meccanica  to announce our collaboration for suction cups selling throw our e-commerce website.

GNC meccanica is a market leader for CNC suction cups in marble, granite and glass industry

Pesaro, 04/01/2016

GNC Meccanica is proud to announce that the company MMG Service s.r.l. is  the GNC Meccanica sales network as the exclusive e-commerce dealer for GNC Meccanica . MMG Service s.r.l. (, echos, in his novel and  approach to professionalism, the dynamic and innovative spirit that characterises GNC . Simone Giorgi (Sales Manager at GNC Meccanica) said that he is very pleased and excited by MMG s.r.l. joining the sales network of GNC Meccanica. On this point, Simone : “The online sale is the future; here and now in Italy is still difficult to find e-dealers  this market, but with our collaboration with MMG Service s.r.l. we want to reverse this trend  show faith in this approach, by leading the way to making e-commerce a reality in our . Being able to be found with just one “click” on the web by everybody from every corner  the planet is, in my opinion, the foundation of a great success.”

GNC Meccanica

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