This is the Official Press Release from GNC Meccanica (company leader in the production of CNC suction cups for marble, granite, and glass) to announce our
collaboration for suction cups selling throw our e-commerce website.

Pesaro, 04/01/2016

GNC Meccanica is proud to announce that the company MMG Service s.r.l. is  the GNC Meccanica sales network as the exclusive e-commerce dealer for GNC Meccanica . MMG Service s.r.l. (, echos, in his novel and  approach to professionalism, the dynamic and innovative spirit that characterises GNC . Simone Giorgi (Sales Manager at GNC Meccanica) said that he is very pleased and excited by MMG s.r.l. joining the sales network of GNC Meccanica. On this point, Simone : “The online sale is the future; here and now in Italy is still difficult to find e-dealers  this market, but with our collaboration with MMG Service s.r.l. we want to reverse this trend  show faith in this approach, by leading the way to making e-commerce a reality in our . Being able to be found with just one “click” on the web by everybody from every corner  the planet is, in my opinion, the foundation of a great success.”

GNC Meccanica

Suction cup 150 mm

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