If you have any stone working machinery that you no longer use you could be interested in selling it.
MMG listing service can help you sell your used machine faster and safely.

Here guidelines to list your used machinery for sale on mmgservice.it

  1. Clean the machinery and free it if any stuff and tools are on it
  2. Shoot great photos of the machinery you want to sell. It’s very important to have good quality photos. Photos have to show the overall condition of the machine, good features and known issues if any are present.
  3. Take a video. Today is very easy to record a short video too. Showing a 20 seconds video of the machine running under power helps sell machines quickly and for a better price
  4. Write a comprehensive description of the machine and focus on features and condition
  5. Provide the following information about the machine:
    Manufacturer / Brand
    Year of manufacture
    Serial number
    Hours used
    Viewable under power
    Known issues or defects
    Asking price

All these steps are very easy and completely for free but they yields better selling prices

To list your used machine for sale fill out the form
or email your information to info @ mmgservice.it (without spaces)

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