Interview with Joseph Anthony Miceli CFO & Sales executive Director of Officine Marchetti S.p.A.

Can you say us what is Officine Marchetti s.p.a.?

Easy question, Officine Marchetti S.p.A. is worldwide leader for tensioner systems and tie-rods for marble and granite gangsaws

Who says you are the leader? 

The numbers say Eng.Divita, Officine Marchetti is in business for 49 years realizing the excellence of Made in Italy in Carrara area. Our products are present in 75 countries, were chosen by all Italian producers of marble and granite gangsaws of the past and today, I give a few names for all: Breton, Gaspari Menotti, Pedrini, Simec, BM and many other European manufacturers. We have produced more than one million of tie rods and ten thousand tensioners. We are the only company in the world of tie rods and tensioners that makes research and development at a high level.

Are your products expensive?

Absolutely not. We help our customers in saving money. Have a look to the duration of our tie-rod, it’s unquestionably superior to all others and is recognized worldwide by our customers.

Give me an example of how Officine Marchetti helps customers to save their money ?

Thanks for the opportunity, a pair of hydraulic tie-rods has an average cost of about 100 euros, and the average duration of 7 years; so it has a daily cost of about 4 cents a day, while the purchase for a low-cost tie-rod costs about 60 EUR with an average duration of about 2 years in the most fortunate cases; so it has an average cost of 8 cents a day, or double marchetti cost.  Please note also that every time a tie-rod breaks it damages also some stone slabs. We at Officine Marchetti, help our customers to save their money!

How long does a Marchetti tensioner work?

We have tensioners for granite in Verona that works for 28 years, while we know about some marble tensioners in Portugal  at work since 42 years ago, and others by 30/35 years around the world. We can say that a tensioner unit from Marchetti is a life-time product. Consider that after 10 years you can always recondition it, basically a tensioner Marchetti never ceases to work.

Are Marchetti spare parts always available?

Officine Marchetti in addition to invest in R&D is the only company certified for quality. Spare parts are always available Marchetti and now they are for sale also online in the marketplace

marchetti1-h350What about technical assistance for Marchetti products?

Officine Marchetti is a service-oriented company, we are always at the side of the customer. Officine Marchetti is the only company in the industry that has highly specialized and multilingual engineers who travel to every corner of the globe .

Please tell us Officine Marchetti’s secret?

Thanks for your question, I have no problem to answer. Our secret is the quality, made with the best products and high level of professionalism, part of the secret is in the production process.

What do you think of this online experience ?

Officine Marchetti is happy to partner with MMG for its professionalism and ability to assist and follow the customer in all parts of the globe. MMG not only sells a product but give a high quality service, follows the customer during all phases of the purchase, informing him at all times, giving an experience of purchase outstanding. In line with the principles of Officine Marchetti .

How does this partnership work?

This collaboration works very well and want to know why ?

Yes, please, tell me

MMG Service and Officine Marchetti are on the same side, only one side, namely the side of the customer.

I’m happy to hear that you are pleased with the service of ?

Certainly we are pleased with sales service by; in this way we can serve our customers around the world 24 hours a day, making the product available in the short times and inform the customer about the use of our product.

I recommend to all those companies that have an important and high-quality product to use the site 

marchetti tiranti e tenditori

Buy online tensioners and tie-rods Officine Marchetti

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