Brief interview with Luca Scialanga, area manager at Marmoelettromeccanica, Italian producer of diamond tools for CNC.

The questions were selected from among the most common that customers very often ask in our e -shop and the article will be a base from which to gather some information and principles that can be deepened.

  1. A stonemason buying his first CNC machine often does not know what tools to buy and ask us to support it . From your point of view you can have a basic kit to get started ?

A basic kit should include at least cutters and drills that are used for each job . Tool as incremental cutting heads and grinding wheels are also flexible enough to be used for many types of machining operations. If we talk about the wheels for edge finishing and edge polishing then it’s up to customer’s preferences. However a 20 line kits for the inside of the sink Z30 profile rarely remain unused !

  1. Tools for marble and granite, what changes ?

All, the made technology of the tools is different: for marble tools is  electrodeposition and for granite tools is sintering. The production timing may be different as well. Moreover the tools for marble often have of the discharges for the outflow of the removed material.

  1. Diamond tools depend on the make and type of CNC machine ?

No, every brand of CNC machine can use all the tools available on the market. The important thing is to bring attention to the diameter of the cone, the necessary adapters and fittings.

  1. What are the characteristics that a “good ” tool must have ? or rather what it means to have a “good ” tool ?

Produce the best technical result. For example about the polishing work a good shiny result without lines or imperfections on the most worked material is the most important feature for wheels for the edge working.

  1. Marmoelettromeccanica has patented technologies or patent pending? if  yes, can you tell us which ones?

Yes, all patents are present on our website

  1. Do you often have special requirements and provide customized solutions ?

Yes, we are specialized in the realization of drawing profiles in the shortest possible time . Delivery times are the shortest on the market .

  1. To extend the life of a tool what to do ? Are there any tricks or follow the datasheet is enough?

Follow the datasheet is a great way to start. Ask help and advice for specific processes / materials / tools is always preferable. Carry out tests before starting work and pay attention to the noise produced by the tool during machining. An abnormal sound is an indication of incorrect operation which often leads to premature wear of the tool.

  1. There are always new materials on the market , as well as marble and granite have experience on other types of material ? you are developing something new ?

Our tools adapt well to the new material. In particular, our recent innovations in CNC ( EHS line) and hand tools (Tripower sanding discs ) are perfect for artificial materials and have amazing results on ceramic materials as well.

  1. Compared to your competitors, tell us 3 reasons why buying Marmoelettromeccanica tools?

The best price-quality ratio on the market. The result of polishing with our long-life grinding wheels is envied by all competitors at the international level. The quality of the technical information and the level of assistance over the huge product range are further elements of competitive advantage .

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