Reconditioning Filter press Saba 21/1000

6 steps for Reconditioning of Filter press Saba 21 plates 1000×1000

Step 1:
Dismantling of the machine and transport to our reconditioning center

Step 2:
Disassembling of the main parts (electric panel, air system plant and water removing,  plates, clothes and bearings dismantling) to prepare machine for sandblasting step

Step 3:
Sandblasting of the frame for dust removing and rebuild of the damaged parts. The frame is now ready for painting

Step 4:
Painting consists of 2 industrial coatings application: first the dual component primer and then polyurethane epox paint. We use special industrial coatings anticorrosion

Step 5:

Simultaneously to the restoration phase of the structural carpentry other technicians recondition the other parts. We check the electrical panel, the piston and we order all the missing parts and parts to replace (seals, bearings, plates, tubes and pipes, plate clothes, plate underclothes and everything we need to fully restore the machine). When all components are ready we reassemble the machine

Step 6:
When the machine si completely reassembled we start test and configuration. When tests are successfully passed we close the activity and the machine is ready for loading in container or truck