Reconditioning Diamond Wire Saw Pellegrini DF2000

6 Steps for reconditioning of Pellegrini DF2000 Single wire saw

Step 1
Dismantling at the client’s factory and transport to our Reconditioning Center
Step 2
Disassembling for the reconditioning of the frame ( the 2 columns and the beam), motors, flywheels, electrical panel
Step 3
Sandblasting of frame, columns and beams, for rust removal and preparation to the painting process, reconstruction of flywheel carters
Step 4
Painting with dual component primer first and polyurethane epox paint afterwards.
Step 5
Checking of the electrical panel and boards, rubber replacing in the flywheels, substitution of bearings and bellows. Reconditioning of the table. Complete re-assembling of the machine in our workshop
Step 6
Testing and cutting simulations of the wire saw