Mobile Cranes

List of used and second hand Mobile Cranes for moving and placing heavy loads.  This kind of crane is used in many industrial environments as metalworking, woodworking and everywhere is requested move heavy loads.
In the stone industry they are used to move slabs and blocks and for containers loading.  
Here you can find a variety of mobile cranes of different capacities and different sizes.
The cranes that can move with the load on wheels are mobile cranes called Pick&Carry cranes, instead cranes with stabilizers are called Telescopic truck cranes.
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    Mobile crane Bencini SP50 – 6 Tons
    Price: 30.000 €

    Mobile crane Bencini SP50 – 6 Tons

    Cod: ag1058
    Max capacity: 6 Tons Engine: Diesel Floating arm
    Brand: Bencini | Model: SP50 | Max capacity: 6 Tons | Year: 2004 | Weight: 7.100 Kg | Dimension: 3.1 x h1.8 m | Power supply: Diesel | Location: Italy | Condition: Working

    Used Mobile crane Bencini SP45C - 4500 Kg
    Price: contact us

    Mobile crane Bencini SP45C - 4500 Kg

    Cod: ag704
    Used mobile crane Bencini SP45C capacity: 4500 Kg maximum length: 6,685 m maximum width: 2,35 m step: 2,62 m
    Brand: Bencini | Model: SP45C | Year: 1982 | Capacity: 4.500 Kg | Location: Italy | Condition: Working