Used Bridge saws

Used second-hand bridge saws, bridge cutters for marble and granite tiles

List of used, second-hand bridge saws for marble and granite cutting. These bridge saws available for sale come from companies that have renewed their machinery or from closed companies and bankruptcies.

The bridge saws are used for cutting, shaping and processing marble and granite
Depending on the type of cutter different processes are possible, the bridge saws differ in size of the blade, table type, control type, number of axes etc..

In our workshop, we also recondition and rebuild used bridge saws and other types of cutting machines. Example of bridge saw reconditioning.

For a quote or more information about a cutter that matches your requirements please contact us.

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    Cortadora Terzago Pratika – Disco 725 mm
    Price: 22.000 €

    Bridge saw Terzago Pratika - Blade 725 mm

    Cod: fr895
    Working mode: Manual and Automatic (with cuts and programmed movements) Cutting cycle: Marble and Granite mode Inclination of the head: Manual Visit our e-commerce you find many products for sale. Water Cooling Pipes (used for the passage of refrigerant / ...
    Brand: Terzago | Model: Pratika | Year: 2005 | Dimension: 5.800 x 4.800 x 3.060 cm | Country: Italy | Condition: Working

    Bridge saw Terzago T 30S - Blade 3000 mm
    Price: contact us

    Bridge saw Terzago T 30S - Blade 3000 mm

    Cod: fr871
    Max blade diameter: 3000 mm Min blade diameter: 2000 mm Blade longitudinal stroke: 4000 mm Blade vertical stroke: 1750 mm Bridge translation: 21 m Blade shaft diameter: 110 mm Max. cutting depht: 1250 mm (with blade 3000 mm) Adjustable slide forward speed: 0 - 18 m/min ...
    Brand: Terzago | Model: T 30S | Weight: 13.000 Kg | Country: United Kindom | Condition: Working

    Bridge Saw CNC Terzago Forma - 4 Axes - Blade 1000
    Price: contact us

    Bridge Saw CNC Terzago Forma - 4 Axes - Blade 1000

    Cod: fr853
    Max blade diameter: 1000 mm N° axes: 4 X-axis stroke: 3700  mm Y-axis stroke: 3600 mm Z-axis stroke: 600 mm Head inclination: 0°-90° Max cutting depth: 310 mm Dimensions of the work table: 3500 x 1800 mm Rotating table from 0 ° to 360 ° Working hours: about 100...
    Brand: Terzago | Model: Forma | Year: 2004 | Weight: 5.800 Kg | Country: Italy | Condition: Good

    Bridge Saw Terzago Cute - Blade 625 mm
    Price: 65.000 €

    Bridge Saw CNC Terzago Cute - 4 Axes - Blade 625 mm

    Cod: fr774
    Max Blade diameter: 625 mm X-axis stroke: 3550 mm Y-axis stroke: 1850 mm Z-axis stroke: 360 mm C-axis rotation: 360° Max cutting depth: 200 mm Head inclination: 0°-90° Related products on amastone: Positioning Lasers used to align workpieces Bridge Saw B...
    Brand: Terzago | Model: Cute | Year: 2014 | Dimension: 5600x2800x3000 mm | Weight: 4100 Kg | Power supply: 3p 400V/50Hz – 15 kW | Country: England | Condition: Working

    Used Bridge Saw Terzago RTS 37 disk 1.200 cm
    Price: 15.000 €

    Bridge Saw Terzago RTS 37 blade 1.200

    Cod: fr154
    Brand: Terzago | Model: RTS37 | Country: Italy | Condition: Good

    Price: 10.000 €

    Bridge Saw Terzago GLS 37 - Blade 725 mm

    Cod: fr831
    Max blade diameter: 725 mm Max cutting depth: 255 mm Blade motor: 18,5 kW Z-axis stroke: 320 mm Related products on amastone: Positioning Lasers used to align workpieces  Bridge Saw Blades for stone cutting  Water Cooling Pipes used for the passage of refrige...
    Brand: Terzago | Model: GLS 37 | Year: 1982 | Weight: 5.100 Kg | Country: Italy | Condition: Working