Used Bridge saws

Used second-hand bridge saws, bridge cutters for marble and granite tiles

List of used, second-hand bridge saws for marble and granite cutting. These bridge saws available for sale come from companies that have renewed their machinery or from closed companies and bankruptcies.

The bridge saws are used for cutting, shaping and processing marble and granite
Depending on the type of cutter different processes are possible, the bridge saws differ in size of the blade, table type, control type, number of axes etc..

In our workshop, we also recondition and rebuild used bridge saws and other types of cutting machines. Example of bridge saw reconditioning.

For a quote or more information about a cutter that matches your requirements please contact us.

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    Price: 26.650 €

    Bridge saw monoblock Denver Skema – Blade 500 mm - 4 Axes

    Cod: fr838
    Blade inclination: 0° - 50° Head rotation: 0° - 90° Max Blade diameter: 500 mm 4th axes C180° Work bench: 3500 x 1900 mm Axis Stroke “X”: 3500 mm Axis Stroke “Y”​: 1900 mm Axis Stroke “Z”: 370 mm Max. cut thickness: 155 mm (with blade 500 mm) Th...
    Brand: Denver | Model: Skema | Type: Monoblock | Year: 2015 | Weight: 3.200 Kg | Dimension: 6100 x 3850 x 2600 mm | Power supply: 3p 400V/50Hz - 14 kW | Location: Romania | Condition: Excellent

    Price: 55.000 €

    Bridge saw CNC Pedrini M930 – 5 axes

    Cod: fr467
    Note: Every CNC machine can be reconditioned in our workshop and we can sell it fully refurbished with new CAD/CAM software licence. If requested we are able to update any cnc machine with new motors, drivers and controller as well. About software we are experts for Artcam and Alphacam CAD/CAM...
    Brand: Pedrini | Model: M930 | Type: Standard | Year: 2007 | Location: USA | Condition: Excellent

    Price: 125.000 €

    Bridge saw CNC Marchetti Axco Z1600 - 5 axes

    Cod: fr729
    Used bridge saw CNC Marchetti Axco Z1600 - 5 axes in perfect condition,  with automatic lathe, automatic tool change system 16 position. Z -  Axis stroke: 1600 mm
    Brand: Marchetti | Model: AXCO Z1600 | Type: CNC | Year: 2013 | Power supply: 3p 400V - 50Hz | Location: Europe | Condition: Excellent