Used Edge Polishers for marble and granite

List of available used Edge Polishers for stone working. The edge polishing machines are used for the production and processing of stairs, window sills, floors and all processes where it is necessary to shape, grind and polish the edge.

You will find  available automatic edge polishers for the straight edge and for the bull-nose edge, and also multihead machines (both vertical and horizontal) and single-head ones. Obviously the availability depends on what’s on the used market at this time.
In our workshop we also perform reconditioning of this type of machine.

For any information on an edge polishers of your interest please contact us.

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    Price: 6.000 €

    Edge Polisher Tecno MBM Tororapid - Flat and round edges

    Cod: lc785
    N° 2 Opposed heads inclined at 45° - Blade Ø200 mm (Cutting blade) N° 1 Spindle for shaping wheel (Wheel Ø200 mm) N° 6 Polishing heads for round edges - 3 Spindles (HP 2,5) N° 6 Polishing heads for flat - 6 Spindles (HP 2) N° 2 Chamfering heads for 45° jobs
    Brand: Tecno MBM | Model: ToroRapid | Year: 1990 | Country: Italy | Condition: Working