Repair services for NC modules, drives, boards, and motors

We provide new or refurbished equipment as needed at the most competitive price available in the industry

Has one of your machined ever broken down? Of course.
Perhaps your bridge-saw inverter broke down, a CNC machine drive has failed, or your block-cutter power supply failed.
Replacing an electronic module can often be very expensive; even if you find a new part, you may very likely run into compatibility or programming problems with the new module.
And you might expect, the older the machine, the more problematic breakdowns become.

But we have good news:

Very often you can repair the faulty part without needing to purchase a replacement. And of course, repair is much cheaper.
If you piece is unrepairable, we can generally download the original software and load it on a refurbished or new module.

Thanks to the collaboration with our partners specialized in the repair of electronic equipment we can offer this important service, which is also one of the most highly demanded services in the sector.

We repair:

  • NC modules
  • PLCs
  • Inverters
  • Drives
  • Power supplies
  • Motors and encoders
  • Communication cards
  • Operator panels
  • and much more.

How our service works
Explain your problem to us and send photos of the part or machine plate in question.
If we are able to diagnose your problem directly from the photo, we will immediately send you a quote for the repair costs.
If we are unable to diagnose your problem from the photo alone, we’ll arrange to pick up your piece and ship it to our repair shop where it will be thoroughly cleaned and underdo diagnostic testing or circuit analysis to identify any defective or marginal components requiring replacement with new parts or components that meet, or even exceed your original specifications. If necessary, we will forward the piece to specialized third-party services qualified to work on the leading brands in the industry, (i.e Siemens, ABB, Yaskawa, Lenze, B &R, Haas, Grundfos, etc.).

At this point we’ll send you a quote; if you accept we proceed with the repair.
All repairs come with a 12-month WARRANTY for the entire unit repaired.

If you have a problem to solve, don’t hesitate, call us directly at +39- 0932- 518879 or send an email to