Reconditioning center – Where Used Becomes New

examples of our reconditioned machines

Send your old machine to our workshop (MMG reconditioning center) and we’ll refurbish it and send it back, or choose the machine you would like us to refurbish from our list, we’ll do the job and send it back.

The reconditioning operations to perform depend on the type of revision you want: machine modernization and retrofitting,  restoring damaged units, revamping.

The common steps in reconditioning are:

  1. Cleaning and preliminary washing
  2. Disassembling the main parts
  3. Analyzing disassembled parts and selecting the components to be repaired or replaced
  4. Replacing worn-out mechanical parts (bearings, seals, bellows, hydraulic pipes)
  5. Replacing electrical parts (non-functioning cards, inverters, sensors…)
  6. Sandblasting and repainting with 2-component epoxy paint
  7. Reassembling
  8. Setting-up and workshop testing
  9. On-site installation and training (optional)

Here are a few machines we’ve reconditioned for our customers: