Reconditioning edge polisher Marmo Meccanica LCV 611

6 Steps for reconditioning an edge polisher Marmo Meccanica LCV 611

Step 1:
Dismantling at the client’s factory and transport to our Reconditioning Center

Step 2:
Dismantling of the edge polishing in its main parts: spindles, belt,
rollers, pipes and all the spare parts that can be repaired or replaced

Step 3:
Sandblasting of the frame for rust removal and preparation for the painting process. Rebuilding of the worn-out frame iron parts

Step 4:
Painting with dual component primer first and polyurethane epox paint afterwards

Step 5:
Checking of the electrical panel, reconditioning of the spindles and substitution of bearings, bellows

Step 6:
After completing the assembly the machine has been started for test and polishing simulations. Final test