Block cutters

Used, second-hand block cutters for marble and granite

The block cutter is a machine for cutting marble, granite and stone blocks into tiles. It can be with 2 columns or 4 columns and it’s characterized by a bundle of vertical discs (single or multi disc) plus a horizontal disc with a tiles automatic unloader (optional). The block cutters differ between block-cutting machines for marble and block-cutting machines for granite.
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    Used block cutters for marble Terzago T121 with rotating table
    Price: 16.000 €

    Block cutter Terzago T121

    Cod: tb551
    Used block cutters for marble Terzago T121 with rotating table.
    Brand: Terzago | Model: T121 | Year: 1981 | Location: Italy | Condition: Good

    Price: 20.000 €

    Block cutter Terzago T14S

    Cod: tb420
    Horizontal moviment: 4.000mm Vertical moviment: 2.000mm Dia max vertical disc: 4.500 mm Dia max horizontal disc: 400 mm
    Brand: Terzago | Model: T14S | Year: 1988 | Weight: 13500 Kg | Power supply: 3p 480V/50Hz - 130 KW | Location: France | Condition: Good

    Price: 30.000 €

    Block cutter Pedrini M530/M535

    Cod: tb491
    New PLC with touchscreen display. – Disc: 30/35; – Disc diameter: 1300mm;
    Brand: Pedrini | Model: M530/M535 | Location: Italy | Condition: Good

    Price: contact us

    Block cutter GMM Quadra G15 - Blade 1600 mm

    Cod: tb1024
    Axis Stroke “X”: 4.000 mm Axis Stroke “Y”: 2.800 mm Axis Stroke “Z”: 2.200 mm Bench dimensions: 2.200 x 3.000 mm Max diameter vertical blade: 1.600 mm Max cutting depth: 610 mm Max number vertical blade: 15 Max diameter horizontal blade: 400 mm Max cutting ...
    Brand: GMM | Model: Quadra G15 1600 | Year: 2015 | Weight: 18.000 Kg | Location: United Kindom | Condition: Good