In this page you will find a list of used monoblade machines available for sale for marble and stone cutting.
Monoblade gangsaws  are used for stone cutting and block squaring / dressing. Monoblades are suitable to cut marble and soft stone, for granite cutting nowadays it’s suggested to use a single wire saw.
We can also recondition these monoblades in order to get a machine in great shape and in full working condition.

Please note that these machines come from bankruptcies or companies who updatef their production line so you can find a good machine for a very reasonable price.
To give you a complete service we manage dismantling and loading on truck or container.
For a quotation or any further information about a monoblade you are interested in please don’t hesitate to contact us

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    Monoblade Bidese Senior
    Price: 22.000 €

    Monoblade Bidese Senior

    Cod: ml1068
    Working hours: 4.639 Cutting cycle: Manual and Automatic Rotating table
    Brand: Bidese | Model: Senior | Year: 2008 | Location: Italy | Condition: Good

    Monoblade Bidese Sentor 800
    Price: 20.000 €

    Monoblade Bidese Senior 800

    Cod: ml926
    The machine is complete with trolley.
    Brand: Bidese | Model: Senior 800 | Year: 2008 | Location: Italy | Condition: Dismantled

    Monoblade Pedrini
    Price: contact us

    Monoblade Pedrini GS

    Cod: ml912
    It is possible to recondition the monoblade Pedrini in our workshop.
    Brand: Pedrini | Model: GS | Year: 1999 | Location: Italy | Condition: Working

    Monoblade Bidese BS 3500
    Price: 25.000 €

    Monoblade Bidese BS 3500

    Cod: ml825
    Electrical system repaired by the manufacturer Monoblade with inverter Control unit for linear guideways lubrication The machine is complete with trolley
    Brand: Bidese | Model: BS 3500 | Year: 1998 | Dimension: 5 x 5 m | Weight: 5.000 Kg | Power supply: 3p 380V/50Hz | Location: Italy | Condition: Working

    Price: 8.000 €

    Monoblade Micheletti GS80

    Cod: ml435
    Useful cut size: 3500 x 2000 mm Blade length: 4100 mm Rotating trolley included Complete refurbishing is possible on request.
    Brand: Micheletti | Model: GS80 | Power supply: 3p 400V/50Hz | Location: Italy | Condition: Working | Incoterms 2010: Ex Works

    Price: contact us

    Monoblade BM

    Cod: ml688
    Brand: BM | Power supply: 3p 400V/50Hz | Location: Italy | Condition: Working