If you want to buy a used, second-hand machine for stone working and marble granite processing  (5 reasons why choose to buy a used equipment) you can follow two paths:
you can start a word of mouth to search for a colleague or a factory that wants to sell his machinery, or
you can go to a specialized company that deals in this specific sector.

The first method is slow, hazardous and dangerous (for the reasons which I will list below), while the second is more fast, safe and at the end of the buying cycle / installation will be even more convenient.

Writing this post I thought about my personal experience in MMG, and for MMG, for which I could of course guarantee all this, but I believe that these reasons are plausible (reasonable!) and that they can be applied to any industry and for any company that operates in any market with few minimum requirements: quite long presence in the market, structured with warehouse / workshop,  staff of proven experience in the field and with good references (references about a good company are easy to find, they are difficult to find for those “unreliable” ones).

Buying from a Used Equipment Dealer (for stone industry  in our case) avoids surprises, “misunderstandings” and hidden costs for at least these five reasons:

  1. Because it has decades of experience and knowledge of this specific market
    A company specializing in used stone working machinery has more than one solution to your query.
    A company such as MMG has access to hundreds of used machinery for marble and granite that can be in their stores or still installed in the factory of origin. The availability of equipment is certainly searchable online via the website (as www.mmgservice.it) and you can get an idea of the available quantity and the available quality of that particular product (milling, polisher, CNC machine … etc) you are looking for. To contact the company you have just to email it or call.
    Dealers are structured to be able to acquire as much information as possible on the machines that come in and out every day in the complex market of used machinery and,  if you do not find in the catalog exactly the machine you are looking for, you can make a request to activate the search. In my experience often the communication between dealers is effective for identifying the best machine available at that time (dealer-to-dealer collaboration)

  2. Because the machinery sale is its core business
    A Used Equipment Dealer does not want to make a single sale or close only this contract. It wants to create a relationship of trust that will allow it to sell again next  machinery piece you need tomorrow, and the next one, and even after that. You will be treated with confidence and integrity because the goal of a professional company, like MMG, is to become your partner not to sell the machine and then run away

  3. Because it offers you a range of services needed before and after purchase
    A specialist company is equipped and has the skills to provide you important complimentary services:
    disassembly, repairing, handling, transport, loading
    The technicians personally manage the disassembly, repairing, handling and loading on containers or trucks. Better not to improvise on these things and rely on those in the trade. You’ll spend less and you’ll risk less. The specialist dealer can arrange transport and delivery to your facility because it has probably a lot of contacts and agreements with local shippers or national and international couriers

  4. Because it offers secure payment methods and manages documents for transport and customs
    Particular attention must be dedicated to payment methods such as documentary credits (Letter of credit, Cash Against Documents) and customs documents traveling with and for the goods.
    A specialized company can handle various methods of international payment; remember that there is not only a prepayment by bank transfer but there are other forms of secure payments, (for the seller and the buyer) that you can use. Consulting a professional company allows to manage the opening of letter of credit, documents of a CAD; documents managing will be easier and safer because on the other side you have professionals who know what you’re talking about. The specialist dealer has experience with international transport and customs and can help and advise you on these issues

  5. Because (tomorrow) you can contact them for service and parts.
    The specialist firm has definitely preferential agreements with the manufacturers of the most important brands in the industry and knows where to find the documentation, spare parts and consumables. This applies both to the machine that you sold, and for other equipment that you have.
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